The Containment (Serial killer )

It was now 1 o’clock her just turned on Nutsford Boulevard. Where the ladies of the night were out in their numbers. He rode up to a lady dressed in a black lace dress, black stilettos heel with sliver embellishment on the ankle straps. They spoke for a minute and she hopped in is SUVs and headed off. In minutes they were on Chelsea avenue, where there was a motel, he send her to book the room while her parked. Room 102 it was. It was no expensive hotel suite but it had to do, she went to the bathroom while he slowly looked around.

Antonio had no uttered a word, he turned the light and removes is handgun from his wait slipped it under the mattress and t fame before she returned to the room. He then start to take off his clothes, she followed she lead. She finished undressing before he did and had climbed on the bed, fluffing the pillows.  She looked up with a stoic expression,

She sat with pillow still in hand, with mouth wide open.

Her eyes were even wider.

They were riveted on his dick.

It looked almost bigger then he was.

It was beyond her comprehension how a man so small frame could manage to walk around with such enormous dick.

He was already aroused

His dick was waving like you had just hanged a flag on a pole.

He joined her on the bed.

She looks in his eyes.

She suddenly became nervous, anxious, scared, and horny all in one breath.


“Suck it,” Antonio said still retaining eye contact.

He handed her a condom.

She unwrapped it, her hand shock mightily as she put it onto his Hugh dick.

He didn’t more from where she was laying so she claimed on using her hand to guide it to the entrance of her eagerly, yet afraid orifice.

She made around three to four different sounds while it pierced her.

She soon got the rhythm and her ass cheeks were a blur as she bounced rapidly on the head.

“bloodchaat….. hmmmm. Ohhhh….. Fuck…. Oww… oh.. fuck…..

Antonio was the first person since she entered the business to let he climax from penetration.

She held her head as her body shook violently and flooded his dick with her juices.


There was a sound at the door Antonio saw the reflection indoor the door and quickly flipped her like a pancake and was on his feet with is gun in hand. He looked at her.

There were two men in the room.

They had come to rob him.

She had sent a text when she went in the bathroom.

Antonio smiled.

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The Containment


Antonio quietly entered the living room, through sliding door, he quickly made his way to the bed room where is target was. He stood for a moment watching the action. The man, his target and the woman, she would be collateral damage.  He was silent when her warm mouth enveloped to the head of his turgid dick though it seemed really good. Antonio watched her as she tried to see how much of it she could take in her mouth. He was tempted to allow the man to climax. He knows from experience that coitus interruptus was a bitch. But in this case interruption would only be a permanent and would not matter much.

It was Friday night and that meant no school for the weekend. Marlon Wilkes, who was a teacher. He had full classes all week and it was time to unwind. He had an optical appointment, tomorrow after noon and teacher conference on Monday, followed by a workshop on Tuesday. There was no way he was going to fulfill these obligations now. Antonio didn’t know why the teacher’s wife gave him all that information, irrelevant at this time.

The fan was at its full speed but seem useless as the teacher whose back was muscular and sweaty, testament to his hard labour.

It was time to get the job done.

Antonio had wasted sixty seconds playing voyeur which was not is character. He has been doing this for close to 15year, he offered quality service which was very expensive. He was one of the best in this field.

I’m coming! I’m coming! The teacher declared.

Antonio pointed the Mauser at the teacher’s head. His aim was precise. The bullet and silent thud. It lodged in the target’s head decorating the walls , sheet and the woman’s face  Marlon Wilkes was dead right as he was about to climax, he was in the dream where men love and held dear to themselves. His lifeless body left on the woman who was screams at the top of her lugs. Antonio walked swiftly and shot her three times to the head. Satisfied, he quietly exited the house where he had entered and made is way through the upper class community of Smokey Vail in Kingston.

He was horny; there was something about killing that had his body stir after everyone. He jumped in is SUV that was parked around two blocks from where he had done his assigned job for the night. But fist thing fisrt. He dialed Mrs. Wilkes,

‘It’s done,” he said.

No wait on her to speak he terminated the call and throw the phone in an incoming truck as he made is way down stone hill. Now back his urges, he needed to get a show girl for the night.

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Is there such a thing as the perfect guy

The person with a check list pull close, let me address you first tall,dark,six fingered paycheck check ,polite,Humble not checked. Minimum wage, short,dark, polite,humble all check. He just doesn’t all come in one package he is going to come short of a few things its not sure relax. Let’s work through this, he works for a tow truck company he’ll treat you like a queen you cook you clean he’ll take you on picnics on a weekend he’s good with the kids it is graceful yeah you found all that is all that but he doesn’t come with a six figure pay. Listen lady he’s got potential he can be improved method job you can go get the 6 figure pay. No problem it works it does no pushing and shoving about it it works it works okay. Now the man with a six-figure pay he can give you a card to go spend he won’t have time for you on the weekends he has conferences he has other engagements no time for you no time for kids no time for making you dinner no time for rubbing your feet and asking you how was your day that’s all you want is the card an sure. now Men in regards to you the same applies weather lady works salary or or minimum wage does it mean that’s her morale standards and ethics are going to be the same for instance a businesswoman Macy’s she doesn’t want or have time for kids, while you’ll find a lady who is just a waitress, bartender she wants kids she maybe even a good mother but because of what she does you said no. Sometimes both men and women I need that push motivation to achieve more I’m to realize also that work alone does it make them happy, and sometimes that they need a little more to reach their full gold and target in life. Finding a person who fix some areas of your list but not others does it mean to give up on them who knows you may be the person to get the list out of them my theory throw the List away because there is no idea person out there to fix anyone, you have to choose to groom the ideal person for you because each person on every any list is going to come up short of a few tick in you check boxes.

Names Answers
Seymour No
Shanagaye No there is not, nobody is perfect we all do wrong and break hearts
Whyte NO
Brenda No
Simone I don’t believe there is a perfect man, because as human , we all have our very own strengths and weekness, we all  have flaws and insecurities that we would like to improve. But as it relates to gender relationship, is there a perfect man out there for a woman, I think there is a perfect man foe a specific woman. He woud fit her likeness, compliment her in her flaws and be her strength for her weeknesses. So on its won a perfect man is complimented by the correct woman
Gee Jesus aint here
Kim There is no perfect being
Al No there is not; the truth is, we all  both men and woman alike can truly love, appreciate, and or even compromise where necessary to bring about varios levels of comfort to ones companion to the point where we sometimes say our companion is the perfect person!consider this if ones companion dies and the person thereafter loves again, wouldn’t that be  prove that there are several others with whom one could find a soul mate’!?
Roy Girl even the good book says no. a man is as good as you want him to be. Rememeber jah alone is perfect.  Find one with jah in him treat him like a king and be his queen and that’s as close to perfection as you’ll get.


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The point of no return (Daily prompt)


On impact she would firstly adjust fastly too the atmosphere. She would miss the beaches because that would be the place of relaxation the getaway. laying on the sand listen while the water caresses the rocks, and Manipulate the sand on its bed. Why is the moon embark on the surface exposing its beauty. its rivers would be it high point because she loves the freshness of its content where dipping her body and rising with its embellishment on her been flashing her here and wiping its contents from her eyes allowing the rest to slowly drip its remainder Back to its never ending streams why listening too the birds singing songs of freedom dance I’m concerned with its other counterparts. I can guarantee that these things would be you greatly missed.

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The view

The view

Sitting in Blue Lagoon resorts restaurants waiting to have a late dinner,salmon crepes while listening to slow music watching the exquisite pink and yellow sunset created the perfect backdrop to the evens sky. dinner arrived it some duck breast prepared with apricots and red fruit sauce,with freshly sliced vegetables, from there I took a walk down the breach till the night became still and quiet. the moon was being shy and there star were few,giving little support to the night sky. here I laid taking it in with all its glover

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The view

The view

Sitting in Blue Lagoon resorts restaurants waiting to have a late dinner,salmon crepes while listening to slow music watching the exquisite pink and yellow sunset created the perfect backdrop to the evens sky. dinner arrived it some duck breast prepared with apricots and red fruit sauce,with freshly sliced vegetables, from there I took a walk down the breach till the night became still and quiet. the moon was being shy and there star were few,giving little support to the night sky. here I laid taking it in with all its glory

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A true saint

what is a true saint really some one who is whole righteous. hmm this gives room for questions. everyman as that but not everyman let it be seen by others. Let’s analyze this for a minute some people are extremely pleasant but they refuse to show it based on the fact that some people will it take advantage of it . Others show it halfway, if they do the purest of sides I left only for the closest and most dearest to them. There’s a saying only those you let close to you can truly hurt you.
In giving and taking we should take a note that there is that sanctuary we are in every individual there is some level of being a true saint. If I should choose between being a saint and inner peace I would choose the latter of the two. So it would be nature walk or relaxing by the beach I think that’s my place of peace so I choose one of or both.

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What is chivalry? Is medieval knightly system with religious and social code. In my own words is really courage, respect, bravery, loyalty, person with dignity and treat others with with dignity. different acts of chivalry are:


– Opening and holding a door. This does not mean running to get the door why walking with someone that would be rude you know leaving the person in advance to get it but opening it when you get to the door follow the person to enter that’s okay just like your car door you open it for a lady to enter.



-Offering your seat to someone whether you are male or female ladies you are for your seat to a mother an elderly person men the same including females.


-Paying attention to someone while they speak . Having a conversation with self rather not cool worst when there is someone else there to have it with, it’s also cool to consider the other persons opinion when saying this in the old days had the say but now a woman opinion and are and should be taken as important.



-Keeping my promises and oaths that you make. Like I’m going to be there at 7 and you make it there at 45 minutes after.
-Allowing a lady to walk on the inside of a walkway. Gentleman this means you walk I’m outside closest to traffic or danger. The truth is I had a hard time with this one when I was younger, because I like to walk close traffic, silly right.


-Making an introduction shaking someone’s hand on being introduced.


-Putting out a cheer, helping her getting in and out of her colt.


-Verbally asking her out on a date, picking her for the date, listen let’s get this straight asking to me you at the theater or restaurant is not considered a date,well for me that is.
Simple gestures done are points for you man and that’s the truth to be seen as a gentleman it adds credit to how ladies view you. I know with the modern woman this is harder to do because we want equality overall, but with all the equality we still want to be treated like ladies.

Do you think small gestures as these are too much from a man or woman view?

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Criminal protectors and providers

Some parents these days are like covering for kids doing bad. back in my day I couldn’t take home something that didn’t belong to me, these days it’s totally different parents cover for your kids hide what they steal wash blood stain clothes hide them from the police come out on TV and protects that they are innocent why? What do you gain from doing that isn’t it best to stop him from the beginning from the start or is it better to hide it protect them from early I’m telling them good job I’m a bit confused to say the least isn’t these things works has to do with a criminal minds of today and will continue if we don’t stop it let’s think about it for a minute. At 6 he brought home a pencil a case that wasn’t his you allowed him to keep it. at ten he brought him a cell phone, you took it you used it at 15 he brought home money. He’s not working but you still take it, hmmm what does that make you the protector or the provider

In my day I couldn’t dream of doing these things listen why take him something that didn’t belong to you mean that your automotive going to get a beating, a a busass, a parental beatdown, whichever description: suits you best you would get it no two way street , no take backs it was just the rule going to take on anything that didn’t belong to you! No my friend described his to be something like that is brother brought something home that he knew about his daddy whoop his ass for his brother first, you know when should I wait you know I’m sure the carrier so use that stop you that was he’s beaten, no his brother was beaten , you know its not yours why’s it here beating. where do we draw the line?

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Can there be a balance between work and relationship


With all to consider firstly the importance of work, yes we need a job, yes we need finances but we also need family support, committed special moments. We or partner in saying this we should all find a balance,not easy to find but can be found, let’s start from a person with a busy schedule. Asking for time, in asking for time I mean busy schedules knowing that somebody live from a schedule put yourself in his are her schedule with the advance of two weeks to a month to ensure that time alone with them will become available . The busy party should also make time,with those who require schedule time. However put in consideration job, family, precious moments. Some people would say they live their life in the moment as to see the moment via cell phone, it rings they have to go now this is where I personally take a deep sigh, yes sigh. Let me explain why in this no time is yours no time is precious because on the next call he or she could be leaving for work yes business. Spur of the moment right. But that’s life for many from a mobile ,shift system,to a business person an entrepreneur yes them to entrepreneurs live, I bet live in a balanced or unbalanced whichever suits you best.


Listening regardless of what work entails is that really is a major an import role in any and every relationship . Men as women crave affection special time together the important moments shared is needed to keep the relationship healthy and a float. There is no relationship without problems disagreement argument if you may. Personally in my theory there is no relationship without disagreements arguments misunderstanding conflicts of both interest yes my view on this is any relationship without the least of disagreements may just have bigger problems than what meets the eye. Everybody has opinions not everybody will agree with your opinion this happens every day in a relationship. With this said we should take the time to understand agree to disagree finish our conversation, choose your words carefully , saying only what you mean not what you don’t. For me what do you say when you’re angry, counts a whole lot because what you say when you’re angry for me, they are words you fear to say when you’re not. the key is a strong relationship with safe room to express every and anything that bothers both party.
Let your partner know your gold what you aim to achieve,what timeframe you aim to achieve them. Come to mutual understanding based on the golds set work work alongside with your partner to achieve the gold set.
Making quality
Regardless of how busy your schedule a time is making quality time is important, leaving when someone’s having small talks coming up with new ideas or to just try new and exciting things together , just spending at all we’re talking about every and anything that helps. everything counts even if it just an hour. Sometime is doing what he loves, sometimes doing what she loves. no matter what it is doable.

It is shown in many researches that sexual intimacy in every relationship is like a cornerstone are an important factor but its not just sexual intimacy that I speak. Holding hands,hugging, playful moments help its not only my childhood what we require affection we also require it in our adult life. Make time in every day ask about there day.

So tell me do you think with all considered that they can coexist work and relationship?

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