what is relationship base on

What is this thing call relationship really base on really? Should it be based on sex, wealth, love, physical attraction, security, admiration, respect faith, what?   I was told this morning that that if there is no sex there is no relationship, now I stop to wonder what is it all about. So I started to ask my friends their views on it:

Their View:

Sara: for me a relationships must be built on trust and mutual respect and understanding. Once that is there you will think more about pleasing the person, making them happy than selfishly doing things to hurt them and the relationship.

Jevon: I think it should be based on: love, trust, loyalty, respect, attraction, security and communication. 
Mark: I think that person should know exactly how to deal with you no matter what mood you’re in because then that means that person has seen ALL of you and is still willing to be there

Nelly: Friendship; your partner should always be first and foremost your friend. And when you are eventually doing come into a relationship, they should still be your friend and closest ally. 


Shanagaye: a fair committed to another person in whom both people should contribute trusting each other and getting to know your partner

Dave: Besides that, I’d say open communication, honesty, loyalty, and respect, which I believe are also key in being a good friend so really it all goes back to what I first said, now doesn’t it?

whats your views


About bridjview

my name is Bridjet Stanley. i am a realize, i love reading writing,a good conversation about real life issues on a everyday bases, my favorite author is K. Sean Harris. i am a Jamaican birth and bread, i love life, peoples person. love long walk, travelling ,river side cooking. a good conversation, no matter the topic, i can have it. i think everyone is allowed to their views, just i am. oh i should say thing, freedom of speaks isn't so frees, but every man as the right to be heard. my post are about the uncut trust, all i intend to do, is tell it like it is.
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5 Responses to what is relationship base on

  1. Kingneftie says:

    I think faith cuz faith brings everything

  2. musiqfreak says:

    Honesty is the first thing I look for in anyone, you can never truly be close to someone if they’re not sharing their whole self with you. Yet, to comment on the ‘is sex important?’ element, I’d say yes. Not to say that you have to be craving each other 24/7 but it helps if you have a similar attitude and needs as your partner.

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