Don’t hold on to something that is over,

 All you doing is causing yourself more hurt and pain.

 Love who is left after the storm not who the storm to away.

Pain will never leave if you don’t allow yourself to heal.

 Fight for what is worth fighting for,

 Turn a new page when the page is done

When you are weak find strength

Know there is a claim after the storm

true is the one to make you batter is inside you. 


About bridjview

my name is Bridjet Stanley. i am a realize, i love reading writing,a good conversation about real life issues on a everyday bases, my favorite author is K. Sean Harris. i am a Jamaican birth and bread, i love life, peoples person. love long walk, travelling ,river side cooking. a good conversation, no matter the topic, i can have it. i think everyone is allowed to their views, just i am. oh i should say thing, freedom of speaks isn't so frees, but every man as the right to be heard. my post are about the uncut trust, all i intend to do, is tell it like it is.
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2 Responses to Try

  1. Angelique says:

    True words of encouragement and a great reminder that everyone has a season, and some hurt and pain in life or inevitably caused by God to make us stronger and greater characters so that He can have great people with substance and foundation to use to bless and motivate others. I have truly learnt this over the last two years. Letting go of pain and embracing the lessons that the pain and the hurt had to offer. I know I ain’t there fully yet but as you said Stanley the strength to continue and survive is within you cushioned by the ultimate source of love and comfort Jesus Christ.

    Great article. Continue writing!

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