Is there such a thing as the perfect guy

The person with a check list pull close, let me address you first tall,dark,six fingered paycheck check ,polite,Humble not checked. Minimum wage, short,dark, polite,humble all check. He just doesn’t all come in one package he is going to come short of a few things its not sure relax. Let’s work through this, he works for a tow truck company he’ll treat you like a queen you cook you clean he’ll take you on picnics on a weekend he’s good with the kids it is graceful yeah you found all that is all that but he doesn’t come with a six figure pay. Listen lady he’s got potential he can be improved method job you can go get the 6 figure pay. No problem it works it does no pushing and shoving about it it works it works okay. Now the man with a six-figure pay he can give you a card to go spend he won’t have time for you on the weekends he has conferences he has other engagements no time for you no time for kids no time for making you dinner no time for rubbing your feet and asking you how was your day that’s all you want is the card an sure. now Men in regards to you the same applies weather lady works salary or or minimum wage does it mean that’s her morale standards and ethics are going to be the same for instance a businesswoman Macy’s she doesn’t want or have time for kids, while you’ll find a lady who is just a waitress, bartender she wants kids she maybe even a good mother but because of what she does you said no. Sometimes both men and women I need that push motivation to achieve more I’m to realize also that work alone does it make them happy, and sometimes that they need a little more to reach their full gold and target in life. Finding a person who fix some areas of your list but not others does it mean to give up on them who knows you may be the person to get the list out of them my theory throw the List away because there is no idea person out there to fix anyone, you have to choose to groom the ideal person for you because each person on every any list is going to come up short of a few tick in you check boxes.

Names Answers
Seymour No
Shanagaye No there is not, nobody is perfect we all do wrong and break hearts
Whyte NO
Brenda No
Simone I don’t believe there is a perfect man, because as human , we all have our very own strengths and weekness, we all  have flaws and insecurities that we would like to improve. But as it relates to gender relationship, is there a perfect man out there for a woman, I think there is a perfect man foe a specific woman. He woud fit her likeness, compliment her in her flaws and be her strength for her weeknesses. So on its won a perfect man is complimented by the correct woman
Gee Jesus aint here
Kim There is no perfect being
Al No there is not; the truth is, we all  both men and woman alike can truly love, appreciate, and or even compromise where necessary to bring about varios levels of comfort to ones companion to the point where we sometimes say our companion is the perfect person!consider this if ones companion dies and the person thereafter loves again, wouldn’t that be  prove that there are several others with whom one could find a soul mate’!?
Roy Girl even the good book says no. a man is as good as you want him to be. Rememeber jah alone is perfect.  Find one with jah in him treat him like a king and be his queen and that’s as close to perfection as you’ll get.



About bridjview

my name is Bridjet Stanley. i am a realize, i love reading writing,a good conversation about real life issues on a everyday bases, my favorite author is K. Sean Harris. i am a Jamaican birth and bread, i love life, peoples person. love long walk, travelling ,river side cooking. a good conversation, no matter the topic, i can have it. i think everyone is allowed to their views, just i am. oh i should say thing, freedom of speaks isn't so frees, but every man as the right to be heard. my post are about the uncut trust, all i intend to do, is tell it like it is.
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2 Responses to Is there such a thing as the perfect guy

  1. A. says:

    I don’t believe in the “perfect” person but I do believe in someone being perfect for someone else.

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