The Containment


Antonio quietly entered the living room, through sliding door, he quickly made his way to the bed room where is target was. He stood for a moment watching the action. The man, his target and the woman, she would be collateral damage.  He was silent when her warm mouth enveloped to the head of his turgid dick though it seemed really good. Antonio watched her as she tried to see how much of it she could take in her mouth. He was tempted to allow the man to climax. He knows from experience that coitus interruptus was a bitch. But in this case interruption would only be a permanent and would not matter much.

It was Friday night and that meant no school for the weekend. Marlon Wilkes, who was a teacher. He had full classes all week and it was time to unwind. He had an optical appointment, tomorrow after noon and teacher conference on Monday, followed by a workshop on Tuesday. There was no way he was going to fulfill these obligations now. Antonio didn’t know why the teacher’s wife gave him all that information, irrelevant at this time.

The fan was at its full speed but seem useless as the teacher whose back was muscular and sweaty, testament to his hard labour.

It was time to get the job done.

Antonio had wasted sixty seconds playing voyeur which was not is character. He has been doing this for close to 15year, he offered quality service which was very expensive. He was one of the best in this field.

I’m coming! I’m coming! The teacher declared.

Antonio pointed the Mauser at the teacher’s head. His aim was precise. The bullet and silent thud. It lodged in the target’s head decorating the walls , sheet and the woman’s face  Marlon Wilkes was dead right as he was about to climax, he was in the dream where men love and held dear to themselves. His lifeless body left on the woman who was screams at the top of her lugs. Antonio walked swiftly and shot her three times to the head. Satisfied, he quietly exited the house where he had entered and made is way through the upper class community of Smokey Vail in Kingston.

He was horny; there was something about killing that had his body stir after everyone. He jumped in is SUV that was parked around two blocks from where he had done his assigned job for the night. But fist thing fisrt. He dialed Mrs. Wilkes,

‘It’s done,” he said.

No wait on her to speak he terminated the call and throw the phone in an incoming truck as he made is way down stone hill. Now back his urges, he needed to get a show girl for the night.


About bridjview

my name is Bridjet Stanley. i am a realize, i love reading writing,a good conversation about real life issues on a everyday bases, my favorite author is K. Sean Harris. i am a Jamaican birth and bread, i love life, peoples person. love long walk, travelling ,river side cooking. a good conversation, no matter the topic, i can have it. i think everyone is allowed to their views, just i am. oh i should say thing, freedom of speaks isn't so frees, but every man as the right to be heard. my post are about the uncut trust, all i intend to do, is tell it like it is.
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