The Containment (Serial killer )

It was now 1 o’clock her just turned on Nutsford Boulevard. Where the ladies of the night were out in their numbers. He rode up to a lady dressed in a black lace dress, black stilettos heel with sliver embellishment on the ankle straps. They spoke for a minute and she hopped in is SUVs and headed off. In minutes they were on Chelsea avenue, where there was a motel, he send her to book the room while her parked. Room 102 it was. It was no expensive hotel suite but it had to do, she went to the bathroom while he slowly looked around.

Antonio had no uttered a word, he turned the light and removes is handgun from his wait slipped it under the mattress and t fame before she returned to the room. He then start to take off his clothes, she followed she lead. She finished undressing before he did and had climbed on the bed, fluffing the pillows.  She looked up with a stoic expression,

She sat with pillow still in hand, with mouth wide open.

Her eyes were even wider.

They were riveted on his dick.

It looked almost bigger then he was.

It was beyond her comprehension how a man so small frame could manage to walk around with such enormous dick.

He was already aroused

His dick was waving like you had just hanged a flag on a pole.

He joined her on the bed.

She looks in his eyes.

She suddenly became nervous, anxious, scared, and horny all in one breath.


“Suck it,” Antonio said still retaining eye contact.

He handed her a condom.

She unwrapped it, her hand shock mightily as she put it onto his Hugh dick.

He didn’t more from where she was laying so she claimed on using her hand to guide it to the entrance of her eagerly, yet afraid orifice.

She made around three to four different sounds while it pierced her.

She soon got the rhythm and her ass cheeks were a blur as she bounced rapidly on the head.

“bloodchaat….. hmmmm. Ohhhh….. Fuck…. Oww… oh.. fuck…..

Antonio was the first person since she entered the business to let he climax from penetration.

She held her head as her body shook violently and flooded his dick with her juices.


There was a sound at the door Antonio saw the reflection indoor the door and quickly flipped her like a pancake and was on his feet with is gun in hand. He looked at her.

There were two men in the room.

They had come to rob him.

She had sent a text when she went in the bathroom.

Antonio smiled.


About bridjview

my name is Bridjet Stanley. i am a realize, i love reading writing,a good conversation about real life issues on a everyday bases, my favorite author is K. Sean Harris. i am a Jamaican birth and bread, i love life, peoples person. love long walk, travelling ,river side cooking. a good conversation, no matter the topic, i can have it. i think everyone is allowed to their views, just i am. oh i should say thing, freedom of speaks isn't so frees, but every man as the right to be heard. my post are about the uncut trust, all i intend to do, is tell it like it is.
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  1. famous says:

    The contents of your paragraph it as substance is like am the in the room ,its entertaining its appealing too i wud read more it makes me feel hungry for more am waiting for more great thoughts think alike >>>>>>smile

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