What is chivalry? Is medieval knightly system with religious and social code. In my own words is really courage, respect, bravery, loyalty, person with dignity and treat others with with dignity. different acts of chivalry are:


– Opening and holding a door. This does not mean running to get the door why walking with someone that would be rude you know leaving the person in advance to get it but opening it when you get to the door follow the person to enter that’s okay just like your car door you open it for a lady to enter.



-Offering your seat to someone whether you are male or female ladies you are for your seat to a mother an elderly person men the same including females.


-Paying attention to someone while they speak . Having a conversation with self rather not cool worst when there is someone else there to have it with, it’s also cool to consider the other persons opinion when saying this in the old days had the say but now a woman opinion and are and should be taken as important.



-Keeping my promises and oaths that you make. Like I’m going to be there at 7 and you make it there at 45 minutes after.
-Allowing a lady to walk on the inside of a walkway. Gentleman this means you walk I’m outside closest to traffic or danger. The truth is I had a hard time with this one when I was younger, because I like to walk close traffic, silly right.


-Making an introduction shaking someone’s hand on being introduced.


-Putting out a cheer, helping her getting in and out of her colt.


-Verbally asking her out on a date, picking her for the date, listen let’s get this straight asking to me you at the theater or restaurant is not considered a date,well for me that is.
Simple gestures done are points for you man and that’s the truth to be seen as a gentleman it adds credit to how ladies view you. I know with the modern woman this is harder to do because we want equality overall, but with all the equality we still want to be treated like ladies.

Do you think small gestures as these are too much from a man or woman view?

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Criminal protectors and providers

Some parents these days are like covering for kids doing bad. back in my day I couldn’t take home something that didn’t belong to me, these days it’s totally different parents cover for your kids hide what they steal wash blood stain clothes hide them from the police come out on TV and protects that they are innocent why? What do you gain from doing that isn’t it best to stop him from the beginning from the start or is it better to hide it protect them from early I’m telling them good job I’m a bit confused to say the least isn’t these things works has to do with a criminal minds of today and will continue if we don’t stop it let’s think about it for a minute. At 6 he brought home a pencil a case that wasn’t his you allowed him to keep it. at ten he brought him a cell phone, you took it you used it at 15 he brought home money. He’s not working but you still take it, hmmm what does that make you the protector or the provider

In my day I couldn’t dream of doing these things listen why take him something that didn’t belong to you mean that your automotive going to get a beating, a a busass, a parental beatdown, whichever description: suits you best you would get it no two way street , no take backs it was just the rule going to take on anything that didn’t belong to you! No my friend described his to be something like that is brother brought something home that he knew about his daddy whoop his ass for his brother first, you know when should I wait you know I’m sure the carrier so use that stop you that was he’s beaten, no his brother was beaten , you know its not yours why’s it here beating. where do we draw the line?

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Can there be a balance between work and relationship


With all to consider firstly the importance of work, yes we need a job, yes we need finances but we also need family support, committed special moments. We or partner in saying this we should all find a balance,not easy to find but can be found, let’s start from a person with a busy schedule. Asking for time, in asking for time I mean busy schedules knowing that somebody live from a schedule put yourself in his are her schedule with the advance of two weeks to a month to ensure that time alone with them will become available . The busy party should also make time,with those who require schedule time. However put in consideration job, family, precious moments. Some people would say they live their life in the moment as to see the moment via cell phone, it rings they have to go now this is where I personally take a deep sigh, yes sigh. Let me explain why in this no time is yours no time is precious because on the next call he or she could be leaving for work yes business. Spur of the moment right. But that’s life for many from a mobile ,shift system,to a business person an entrepreneur yes them to entrepreneurs live, I bet live in a balanced or unbalanced whichever suits you best.


Listening regardless of what work entails is that really is a major an import role in any and every relationship . Men as women crave affection special time together the important moments shared is needed to keep the relationship healthy and a float. There is no relationship without problems disagreement argument if you may. Personally in my theory there is no relationship without disagreements arguments misunderstanding conflicts of both interest yes my view on this is any relationship without the least of disagreements may just have bigger problems than what meets the eye. Everybody has opinions not everybody will agree with your opinion this happens every day in a relationship. With this said we should take the time to understand agree to disagree finish our conversation, choose your words carefully , saying only what you mean not what you don’t. For me what do you say when you’re angry, counts a whole lot because what you say when you’re angry for me, they are words you fear to say when you’re not. the key is a strong relationship with safe room to express every and anything that bothers both party.
Let your partner know your gold what you aim to achieve,what timeframe you aim to achieve them. Come to mutual understanding based on the golds set work work alongside with your partner to achieve the gold set.
Making quality
Regardless of how busy your schedule a time is making quality time is important, leaving when someone’s having small talks coming up with new ideas or to just try new and exciting things together , just spending at all we’re talking about every and anything that helps. everything counts even if it just an hour. Sometime is doing what he loves, sometimes doing what she loves. no matter what it is doable.

It is shown in many researches that sexual intimacy in every relationship is like a cornerstone are an important factor but its not just sexual intimacy that I speak. Holding hands,hugging, playful moments help its not only my childhood what we require affection we also require it in our adult life. Make time in every day ask about there day.

So tell me do you think with all considered that they can coexist work and relationship?

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Politic and there Policy


The Politics of Jamaica toke place in the framework of representative democratic monarchy in 1962. At this time a parliamentary system was established, this system was to now follow closely to those of the United Kingdom, as there chief of state Queen Elizabeth ll appointed a governor general, on the advice of the prime minister, as her representative in Jamaica. Presently there are six (6) representatives at the last election in 2011 to 2012. They are People National Party, Jamaica Labour Party, Marcus Garvey People’s progressive Party, National Democratic Movement, Independents, and the Jamaica Alliance Movement. With all that said there are two major party’s which the people are national party and the Jamaica labour party with sixty three seats between both.

Between ever election people have problem that they block road call for the representative to address, with several matter put before them when and if they show up. The there is the elections most people seem to forget their problem for the new promises that come.             I use this word but no lightly here why, they all make promises that out of every ten, they make keep one. For example this present government promised jobs since them people are going home left, right and centre. Now my question to this government is where are the jobs. Stop making empty promises.

Do you the governing body should be changed for not implementing what they promise in their speaks?

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Protecting our youth


Child neglect child molestation, child abandonment, child abuse, these are all things our youth faces and go through. It happens every day in your eyes right under our noses we ignore it some days we overlook it other days some are done in such a way that it would seem otherwise but look at it. you have child’s trafficking, kidnappings, murder some of these are happening because of things others have done, for instance this child is this let’s say 6 year old his dad has a dispute with the gentleman across the street they looking for his dad but saw him they killed him then what do you call that the child did them nothing, nothing whatsoever. you kidnap a child to prove a point, or just stand ground on a point. a child has nothing to do with politics gang war,gang violence,family disputes they are innocent leave our children alone!leave our children alone!

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Life’s journey

Life is a journey we all have to take, everyone’s journey is different, unique in their own way. Never under-estimate another journey, truth is you don’t know where they have been, or what they have been through. The journey we plan for sometime is totally different from the one we have to take in the end. Live the life your given play the hand of card you have revived, with time you will see the hand you have is still better than the other hand you had wanted. fight a little cry a little, believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Be prepared to make mistakes, be ready to learn from then, don’t question everything, understand who you are at all times, have standards, never lower you standard, let people rise to it.

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the ex

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Death it brings the strangest people together some times. Yesterday I was head home from therapy and I saw and old friend of mine, we begun to chat, hope I don’t have to break that down. She started on the wait I have gained and how I was looking different, and then she asked me about my ex. I took a long breathe and said I haven’t heard from him in a while, now listen to this. Is last week him barred his sister, first thought, what? And is two weeks before that he moved to another side of town, and she went on. Now the only problem I have with is she knows how he is doing, she sees him every day, why would she be asking me for him as if you had no clue? Later that evening I called to know how he was doing, I can say he is fine, got my clothes trace off of me from miles. We told a little about the past and where the future is going from our few, not a bad talk like.


His mother is a crazy woman and for the love of Christ I can’t tell anyone why I love her so much, she is like a breath of fresh air, and the right flower that can weather any season. Well that’s the family on a whole crazy but fun. There are some relationship that shouldn’t end there are those that end for all the right and wrong reason but the best part is when you can talk with past and know the future is looking even better.

Fix the past that it doesn’t spoil your future

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