politic and there policy

The Politics of Jamaica toke place in the framework of representative democratic monarchy in 1962. At this time a parliamentary system was established, this system was to now follow closely to those of the United Kingdom, as there chief of state Queen Elizabeth ll appointed a governor general, on the advice of the prime minister, as her representative in Jamaica. Presently there are six (6) representatives at the last election in 2011 to 2012. They are People National Party, Jamaica Labour Party, Marcus Garvey People’s progressive Party, National Democratic Movement, Independents, and the Jamaica Alliance Movement. With all that said there are two major party’s which the people are national party and the Jamaica labour party with sixty three seats between both.

Between ever election people have problem that they block road call for the representative to address, with several matter put before them when and if they show up. The there is the elections most people seem to forget their problem for the new promises that come.             I use this word but no lightly here why, they all make promises that out of every ten, they make keep one. For example this present government promised jobs since them people are going home left, right and centre. Now my question to this government is where are the jobs. Stop making empty promises.

Do you the governing body should be changed for not implementing what they promise in their speaks?


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