What to wear and when to wear what

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When we went shopping we loved everything we bought, so it becomes the favorite piece, now when it time to go out we throwing everything out try to find something to wear. Think about it on the first date we turn and trips try to figure out what to wear. I know I know we want to make an impression with something sexy, flirty and fun. First date we don’t want too tight nor too revealing, (tease). Real men who are serious aren’t impressed with ultra-short shorts or skirt, or the over view for what can be seem from any romantic enticing hem or neckline. Every woman knows her body’s physically, their advantages and their disadvantages.

First thing know where you going:

Going out weather first date or just a night out know every you going, if unsure ask you partner, (your date) weather it is a casual get together, meeting the parents, surprise date, the bedroom .

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  • Casual get together – the day date say to the game. Jeans, legging, soft top a scurf, and toppers boots, trainer, booty. Face swipe bang, ponytail.
  • 11505_549654921754954_75442936_n              993998_548867821833664_899240522_n

  • Meeting the parents- allow your natural beauty to come out. Nice jean fashionable top or a nice dress.
  •                     1001882_519207201466393_330554705_n                               488182_314830561976634_2091204229_n

  • Surprise night out- little black dress, brown, grey dress would be just right some curls.
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  • Bedroom- let’s say a fabulous black lace lingerie, the simple, the better (no playboy outfits now)

Hygiene is very important shower, teeth, hair, clean shoe, fragrance (this can be over welling so less is best).


  • Find clothes that flatter you. Stop trying to squeeze yourself into clothes that are too small, the end effect is that you look large.
  •  And avoid clothes that are oversized for you; they won’t appear sexy
  •  Don’t over accessorizes
  •  Whatever you wear should be putting your best look forward
  •  Plus size women don’t wear Horizontal lines they make you look wider than you really are instead, wear clothes with vertical lines they may you look smaller.
  • Wear colours that look good with your skin tone.
  •  Be comfortable and confident and take pride in how you look.




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